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ChallengerFest 11 2020 Recap


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I wasn't sure what to expect, but the event went WAY better than I thought it would. We did have fewer people attend vs the past 4-5 years, but honestly it made things a bit easier to manage. The racing finished early leaving an additional hour of grudge race and TNT time which everyone loved. This was on top of the two hours of TNT we had in the morning so by the end of the day you coulda made 30 passes or more if you wanted. We ended up closing the track a few minutes early since everyone was worn out and no one in the staging lanes. We still had 3 more days at the track with Holley's Moparty event to boot.

Car show was a blast as always and I enjoyed just hanging out with everybody. Peach State Challengers club had a full setup with grill, full bar, and a 55" TV showing Speedy's Garage YT videos LOL.

If you missed ChallengerFest, you missed one of the top three best events we've had in 11 years.

I was planning to compete in Moparty in the 10.00 Street King Class so I didn't remove any weight from the car other than the drag pack wheel/tire setup. Car ran a 10.07, 10.12 both with some tire slip. I got with @ostmike who gave me a little tune secret and next pass was a 9.84 followed by a 9.91. Thanks for the tip Mike! DA was around 2,000 give or take a tick so this car should run 9.6s or so in the good air this fall.

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