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  1. DGatzby

    Member #797 finally in for the first thousand!

    Bait click. Gotcha! Wanted to memorialize my 1000th post here! One good thing, if winter don't keep its act together, the Redeye is getting restless. It is pretty excited about its new knees, ankles and slippers for the fun this season.
  2. DGatzby

    You can have these new cars, I like my loud nasty you can hear it car

    Renting a GMC Terrain ~ Chevy Traverse. First you had to figure out the transmission is controlled with button things you need to pull. I mean not a bad car, but this auto stop bullshit is bullshit! Drove it to lunch with another guy. When we got out etc. I pressed the lock button on the fob...
  3. DGatzby

    How will a Hellcat engine work in a Peugeot?

    How about their 108? Just needs a couple of support beams under it some wheels/tires, strap on some of those big FCA wheel flairs, big shocks and springs stiff bushings, few suspension parts, RE drivetrain shortened for weight savings. Just a little sheet metal work. We have the ACR!
  4. DGatzby

    What does it look like where you are at now?

    I thought this previous thread was fun. Let’s start one again here. I’ll start. This was taken a few minutes ago in Chanhassen, MN within a mile of the Prince Studio. Probably is the near last day we can have the garage queens out around here. Going to wash it this afternoon and cover it.
  5. DGatzby

    Let's talk about how energy efficient these really are!

    So after I drove around getting about 20 mpg (ok, there was absolutely no way to do much with a 500' DA on the street), I did it. I drove it into my garage shut the door and activated the Race Cool Down. It is a 3.5 car garage, it was about 58, after it ran for its five minutes or so, it was...
  6. DGatzby

    Have to give credit here...

  7. DGatzby

    What do you think?

  8. DGatzby


    Hey fellow Minnesota peeps! We can use this thread for all things going on in our 'hood. Going into Labor Day weekend of 2019. Weather can't be better. Where are all,the Hellcats going to be?
  9. DGatzby

    Very happy to have found a new home for my Social Hellcat BS!

    Thanks to many friends who banded together over the past week after a big disappointment over on another Forum that we have been attached to for years. This just feels good! I am eager to read about the existing and long time members over here. Please introduce yourselves to us new people...