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Recent content by salopian

  1. salopian


    whipcat came through and have got the pins and installed them, not drove cat yet due to lockdown over here. thanks very much dude much appreciated. You Americans aint that bad :LOL: (y)(y)(y)(y)(y)
  2. salopian

    What do you guys do to relax during the weekend?

    walk my dog and drink ale.
  3. salopian

    What Are You Doing to Prepare for The Corona Virus??????

    fuck all. I hope we are not put into lockdown like Italy im self employed and i got enough funds to last 1 month of no work. Also we are selling and moving and this shit drops right now...... I like to live life in the fast land but fuck i would like a break and some shit to go my way TBH
  4. salopian

    If a woman confides in you that she...

    sounds desperate.....avoid
  5. salopian


    Sweeeetttt. Oooo yes we do some good ale and cider over here. I was originally missing the left pin but I don't think I out the right pin in prop8after I installed my Barton and it fell out. So it's very loose. Thanks
  6. salopian


    I have PMed you. Would you like some English breakfast tea as a thanks can't beat a nice brew 😂
  7. salopian


    Well sir that would be just great 👍 Its only 2 small pins. Around $20 to post
  8. salopian


    I'm after a 8 dollar part but if I order it on ebay.com it will cost me $150 plus a bumming off the tax man. Absolute joke. Any one in UK or EU that can get parts for these? Cheers P. S the part I'm after is the gear shifter pin
  9. salopian

    UK Dodge challenger owners

    Its a facebook group. Pretty good only a few hundred members on there
  10. salopian

    Manual Transmissions Are The Best!

    Dont know what im walking into......But i find the box a bit crap. Its very clunky and sometimes when you are giving it a bit of welly you really have to find the gear and force it in otherwise it pops out, perhaps im still getting used to the car. I have a purchased a barton shifter paid shit...
  11. salopian

    Finally picked up the cat!

    raf then? Did you get a US guy to buy it for you? Thats only option i could of done but didnt know any US troops
  12. salopian

    Finally picked up the cat!

    I'm military too. I'm guessing based in Germany or a yanke camp in Lincolnshire?
  13. salopian

    Uk dodge merc

    Cheers for the links I never use amazon to buy things, but may make an account now. Yes the insane shipping charge for a 20 dollar hat. Plus you have tax to pay before the courier delivers it to you. That's why I avoid buying from the states due to the tax.
  14. salopian

    Uk dodge merc

    All I wanted was a hat and a mug 🙈😭 Iv checked ebay nothing comes up 🤷‍♂️
  15. salopian

    Finally picked up the cat!

    Niceeeeee. Iv only done 300 mile since having mine last month due to typical British weather. Did you import it yourself? I'm Warwickshire but soon will be moving to Herefordshire/Worcestershire area due to work. You need to change your pic with the British flag lol