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  1. DGatzby

    UPDATED - Separate tire comparison post - 555R vs M/T ET Street SS - DISILLUSIONMENT

    4000 miles on PS4S returned a 3.3 second 0-60 at 57 degrees air temp on a shitty street Sunday on the first try this season. 340 lb of two people in a 4500 lb car. The tire has plenty of thread/life remaining. You get what you pay for in this case.
  2. DGatzby

    Anyone see this?

    They are not touching my '19 for any reason even similar to that. The computers etc. work fine and don't need any updating, or changing unless it is done for performance mods.
  3. DGatzby

    What did you do to your Hellcat today?

    You have a very pleasant surprise waiting for you sir. Do not underestimate how good those tires are and how much rubber you have. 3.3 seconds Sunday afternoon, on the way to an 11.0 sec 1/4 mile timing with the wild kitty I have and those tires. The road was our typical rock overlay on...
  4. DGatzby

    Coronavirus Memes

  5. DGatzby

    Coronavirus coming to get us?

    Same here. Not scared, but clearly business will be done different for a long time. I am on a Board of a very large National group. Had a part in cancelling a very large convention in DC with International participants that would have happened in a couple of weeks, and moved it until 2021...
  6. DGatzby

    The roads are light and it tempting to do some spirited driving but don’t do this!

    I'll admit in my youth years, I just remembered (damn near 45 years ago), I did have one of those Mustang 2's! I must have wanted to be a road racer from way back, I remember that SOB spun out on an exit ramp. POS managed to clip an information sign pole and made the rear 1/4 look real bad. I...
  7. DGatzby

    Coronavirus coming to get us?

    I am with all your Friends here @BULL , prayers for you, your friends and family.
  8. DGatzby

    Empty highways...check...tons of HP...check...social "distancing"...check

    Or something. Worked out first, this not going anywhere crap can't be maintained. They need to open the tracks!
  9. DGatzby

    Empty highways...check...tons of HP...check...social "distancing"...check

    I found a safe spot and it managed to set all these bests in one hoot. Me and the Mrs together added about 330 lbs to the Redeye. Street tires. Great DA!
  10. DGatzby

    What does it look like where you are at now?

    D/A less than 1000’; two people (350 lbs!) stock Redeye with good suspension mods. 4S 345/30 rears. Just set best of in everything below. PUNCH IT!
  11. DGatzby

    What does it look like where you are at now?

    Let's see it.
  12. DGatzby

    What does it look like where you are at now?

    Got all ready to take the Cat out socially and the damn phone won’t even recognize me!! Let’s do this shit, if we need to wear some rags that’s fine, we been doing that riding motorcycles for a long time. I got a whole collection of nasty to disgusting. They say the air is cleaner now, except...
  13. DGatzby

    Coronavirus Memes

    It is without makeup, has to be.
  14. DGatzby

    Empty highways...check...tons of HP...check...social "distancing"...check

    We verified in MN, pleasure rides are allowed for our "shelter in place". Here they just seem to be sitting and listening for the worst, that is why I took my car way outside of town the other day for some fun, but only have done a couple of very brief demo's in town, in places I am real...
  15. DGatzby


    She is about 80 now.